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Shouldice Designer Stone has a long and proud history of Innovation, Quality and Service. We believe that an unwavering customer-first orientation, attention to detail, and a persistent dedication to continuous improvement has allowed us to become the industry leader and will continue to distinguish us far into the future.

Our commitment to these values brings you, our customer, a world of beauty, variety and style unmatched in the building products industry. Allow your imagination to roam freely through the pages of this website. Envision the endless possibilities and custom combinations that can be yours.

Brad and Steve Shouldice

Shouldice Stone is proudly 100% Canadian owned/operated and currently under third generation family management. Shouldice has a rich history characterized by a commitment to Innovation, Quality, and Service. Since 1947 we have responded to the times, both economic and technological, to develop and produce creative, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. Coupled with our customer-first orientation, this flexibility has allowed us to establish and maintain a leadership position in the stone and veneer products industry. Our products are increasingly utilized in projects of distinction on all modes of construction across North America.

Shouldice Designer Stone Lifetime Warranty

Shouldice Designer Stone (est. 1947) has built a reputation as the industry leader for Innovation, Quality and Service. Our products exceed the standards of CSA A165 Series-04, ASTMC55-11, and ASTMC90-13 specifications.

The added inclusion of an integral water repellent and organic colour oxide throughout the body of all Shouldice Stone products minimizes moisture penetration and efflorescence while ensuring colour fastness. Shouldice offers a Lifetime Warranty for all its products provided the initial purchaser is the owner of the products, the products are used according to local building codes and the products are installed according to specifications and installation guidelines.

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Producing a consistently high quality product doesn't happen by chance. Shouldice Designer Stone has become the premier choice of architects, designers, contractors, masons, corporations, and homeowners who are looking for the very best the industry has to offer. Choosing Shouldice quality fulfills your dreams with not only lasting beauty but also real world investment value. There is nothing like stone to enhance the beauty of a home or to make a statement about your good taste, your consideration for future sustainability and your financial wisdom.

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Service is what gives real meaning and value to our customers from our commitment to Innovation and Quality. We strive everyday to ensure that our customers benefit from the innovative and unsurpassed quality, beauty, and range of Shouldice Designer Stone products by providing an equally high level of customer service. You can pursue your design aspirations with confidence, knowing that we are here to support, advise and so much more. We are the only coast-to-coast full service, comprehensive masonry manufacturer/supplier in North America. We manufacture, sell and ship from a single location. As a result, we can guarantee product quality, colour consistency, and reliable delivery. As well, we can satisfy virtually all supply requirements including those of national commercial customers such as large retails chains. Shouldice offers the industry's most extensive and comprehensive line of stone products, accents and accessories. We provide a range of full bed depth, load bearing and thin stone solutions to satisfy virtually any application requirement. There need be no limits to your inspirational or aspirational motivations.

Rob and June Shouldice

In a rapidly and ever changing environment innovation is not only desirable but a survival and growth necessity. Since our founding in 1947 we have purposefully adhered to a strategic commitment to innovation. Our advanced research and development lab is dedicated to the full time quest for better technologies, better methodologies, better components and better products. This dedication has established us on the leading edge of product development in the stone business. Our continuing quest for the new and the better has, time and again, brought delighted satisfaction to our many customers. From our unique and comprehensive palette of integral colours, to our wide variety of accessory styles, and the world's 1st mechanically fastened thin stone DIY system, our single-minded goal is to transform your dreams and turn imagination into reality.