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Stone Siding & Cladding Ideas

At Shouldice Designer Stone, we’re always searching for new and creative ways to create the best stone veneer possible for your innovative projects. We know that each and every designer has their own personal style, which is why we’re constantly creating new colours, textures and finishes for our stone products. If you need help selecting the ideal stone cladding for your next project, or simply want to see our stone siding ideas for inspiration, take a look at all the phenomenal buildings that make use of Shouldice Designer Stone!

Stone Accents

Stone veneer can be utilized to create beautiful design accents that add a greater depth and beauty to any building project. From corner stones and window sills, to slope caps and custom details, discover our stone cladding ideas.

Custom Blends

Who says that your stone veneer has to be all one colour or texture? Take a look at how homeowners and architects have combined multiple Shouldice stone profiles to create custom blends that stand out from the rest!

The Corporate Choice

Some of the biggest brands in North America have relied on Shouldice Designer Stone to help them create appealing retail locations for their businesses. Discover how many of these household names have chosen our stone for its beauty, reliability and ease of installation.

Contemporary Design

Though brick homes may seem like a thing of the past, Shouldice Designer Stone is proof of how today’s stone products can be used to create incredible modern designs. Consider these stone siding ideas for your contemporary home.

Dream Homes

A sprawling, beautiful home on an outstanding piece of property is a dream for many, and Shouldice is happy to provide the building blocks architects and masons need to craft these extraordinary homes. Take a look at our stone cladding ideas for your custom home.

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