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Estate Stone

Shouldice Estate Stone Veneer

Estate Stone is one of Shouldice’s bestselling stone veneer products! This beautiful stone features a pronounced surface that mimics the beauty of natural stone. Shouldice Estate Stone evokes a sense of tradition and luxury that brings unmatched value to your home, all while making a bold statement about your style.

The classic appearance of Estate Stone makes it suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior residential applications. With several earth colour tones available, it’s easy to select the perfect hue to achieve your design aspirations. Estate Stone comes with three different heights and a variety of lengths so you can create a completely unique pattern that replicates the look and feel of natural stone cladding.

Why Choose Shouldice Estate Stone?

Homeowners continue to choose Shouldice Designer Stone for their manufactured stone veneer due to our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service. From the moment that you begin your Estate Stone project, you’ll have our team of stone experts on your side, helping you plan your design and choose the right stone veneer for a successful and beautiful end result.

Since Shouldice designs, manufactures and delivers all of our product from a single location, you can depend on consistency of colour and quality throughout all of our stone products. This means you can complete your project with confidence, knowing that your investment in Shouldice Stone is one that you will continue to benefit from for many years.

If you would like to learn more about our Estate Stone veneer collection, reach out to Shouldice today at 1-800-265-3174

Estate Stone

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