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Architectural & Manufactured Stone Products

Shouldice Designer Stone is a proud manufacturer and supplier of architectural stone products for designers, architects, developers and masons searching for stone products that allow them to create unique and imaginative designs for their building projects. Our range of manufactured stone products encompasses a variety of textures, colours and finishes that work in combination, allowing you to select the ideal products to create the exact style and mood you desire.

From modern stone veneer to classical stone accents, Shouldice architectural stone products can be mixed and matched to produce a distinct look for your commercial project. Whether you prefer the look of natural stone, or are looking for a contemporary, avant-garde stone product, we can work with you to find the stone products that meet your exact requirements.

Why Choose Shouldice Stone Products?

Put simply, our products are designed to exceed customer expectations. Since 1947, Shouldice Designer Stone has continually made advancements in manufactured stone product technologies. Responding to the demands and ever-changing requirements of our customers, we have developed industry-leading architectural stone products that allow for uninhibited creativity and endless possibilities. Today, our stone products can be found in many notable construction products within Canada, and across North America.

You can rely on Shouldice’s stone products to deliver long-lasting beauty and add value to your project well into the future. All of our products exceed CSA and ASTM standards for manufactured stone products, and feature integrated water repellant and colour fast properties. We stand behind each and every product we sell, offering a lifetime warranty on all products when installed according to local building codes, guidelines and specifications.

Browse our collection of high-quality stone products today, or reach out to a member of our team to learn more about using Shouldice stone products for your building project. Call 1-800-265-3174.

Architectural Stone Products