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Technical Info & Stone Specifications

At Shouldice Designer Stone, we know that it’s important to not only provide our clients with outstanding products, but to provide detailed stone specifications so they can be properly installed. Beyond just the design of our stone products, our team puts serious consideration into the technical elements of our stone veneer specifications. This includes unwavering commitment to meeting all building code compliances, considering the environmental factors that occur in the creation of stone veneer, and more.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Shouldice is dedicated to producing stone products that support the credentials of the LEED rating system. This environmental system devised by the United States Green Building Council allots points based on the environmental impact and human benefits a building will have.

Installation Guides

We provide convenient digital installation guides for many of our Shouldice stone veneer products, including Designer Stone, Estate Stone, Q-Stone and Shale Stone. Also included are documents related to specific Shouldice Stone specifications, architectural installation guides and cleaning information.

Code Compliance

Shouldice stone veneer products are manufactured to comply with all ASTM and CSA standards for manufactured stone. Discover our code compliance policy and how Shouldice Designer Stone exceeds code!

Specifications Binder

Our stone veneer specifications binder is a digitized PDF document filled with all the information you need about our Residential, Architectural, Charington Stone and Fusion Stone! Learn about specifications, warranties, cleaning information and more.

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