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Earn LEED Credits

Shouldice Stone LEED Shouldice Designer Stone manufacturers Stone Products that support the principles of LEED with raw materials, production, life cycle costing and performance. The benefits of additional durability, design and economic efficiency are an integral component in every piece of Shouldice Designer Stone.

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the energy & environmental performance of buildings and encourage market transformation to sustainable design. Detailed information on the LEED program is available at www.usgbc.org where the program outlines the intent, strategies, requirements and technologies required. Information on LEED Canada is available from the Canada Green Building Council at http://www.cagbc.org

What is the Goal of LEED?

LEED’s overall goals are to improve occupant well-being, environment impacts and economic returns of new buildings.

LEED Certification Points

The Stone Products of Shouldice are governed by LEED NC (For New Construction) that provides a checklist of prerequisites and voluntary credits in six basic categories: sustainable sites (SS), water efficiency (WE), energy and atmosphere (EA), materials and resources (MR), indoor/environmental quality (EQ) and innovation and design (ID). Projects earn points by meeting technical requirements specific to LEED NC 2.2 (US) of LEED NC 1.0 (CAN).

Why Use Concrete Masonry?

Shouldice Stone products support the principles of Green Management, and by using Shouldice Concrete Masonry you will contribute to earning LEED points in the LEED credit categories. The aggregates used to produce Shouldice Stone products are manufactured from the Natural Reserves of Stone that Mother Nature created millions of years ago. These resources are processed to an aggregate that is blended with recycled reserves, cement, iron oxide colours and stabilizing ingredients to create a Stone Product that rivals the beauty of Natural Stone with a guaranteed Lifetime of Performance.


Shouldice LEED

The Top 10 Benefits of LEED Stone Include

  1. The Mass Factor for Energy Performance (EA) Credit 1
  2. Construction Waste Management (MR) Credits 2.1 & 2.2
  3. Recycled Content (MR) Credits 4.1 & 4.2
  4. Local/Regional Material Use (MR) Credits 5.1 & 5.2
  5. Durable Building (MR) Credit 8
  6. Flexible by Design (ID) Credit 1.x
  7. Fire Resistance (ID) Credit 1.x
  8. Buildings with Minimal Maintenance (ID) Credit 1.x
  9. Resource Protection (ID) Credit 1.x
  10. Designed for Disassembly (ID) Credit 1.x


Shouldice Stone LEED

Shouldice…The Natural Choice in Stone

The natural resources used to produce Shouldice stone are blended with ingredients in state of the art manufacturing complexes that create stone products which may be used not only above grade but at grade and below grade when required. The integral quality of Shouldice stone allows this unrestricted use, a factor that is not always available from other manufactured stone producers. Shouldice stone is manufactured with the same composition of materials that are used in load bearing high-rise construction, bridge overpasses and every construction project demanding strength and performance. This is proof to the integral quality and value of Shouldice stone, a product that performs and replicates stone in every sense of the word and potentially contributes to the following sustainable LEED attributes and assists in earning LEED credits:

The Mass Factor for Energy Performance (EA) Credit 1 (Points 1-10)

The weight of Shouldice stone at nearly 40# (18kg) per square foot provides a mass factor that absorbs the ambient air temperature and releases this stored energy throughout the day or night. This energy performance results in heating and cooling cost savings.

Waste Management (MR) Credits 4.1 & 4.2 (Points: 2)

Shouldice stone is manufactured with the maximum percentage of re-cycled raw materials that will not affect the quality of the Stone. There are no toxic emissions and all excess water is treated and reused.

Local/Regional Material Use (MR) Credits 5.1 & 5,2 (Points: 2)

All natural aggregates used are from sources and reserves located at the manufacturing complexes which are some of the most natural and pure deposits in the world. This single source of quality raw materials provides a guarantee of consistent quality wherever the stone is used. The major North American markets for Shouldice stone are within 500 (800lm) miles by road or 1500 miles (2400km) by rail.

Durable Building (MR) Credit 8 (Points: 1)

The durability of stone combined with a system including drainage cavities and durable fasteners results in a long service life for the building envelope.

Innovative Design (ID) Credits (Points: 1-4: Max. Points in ID Category are 4)

The modular components of all Shouldice stone products allows their use on intricate designs with the synergy of reducing additional load bearing structural capacity. Architectural expression without comparison along with the Shouldice stone guarantee and a lifetime warranty are without equal in the industry.


Shouldice LEED

Shouldice LEED Fire Resistance (ID) Credit (Points: 1)

Shouldice Stone will not burn… period! This results in additional life safety for occupants and protection from external fire hazards.

Buildings with Minimal Maintenance (ID) Credit (Points: 1)

Shouldice Stone quality allows application without restriction and this integral quality provides a lifetime of performance with minimal if any maintenance required.

Resource Protection (ID) Credit (Points: 1)

The natural ingredients of Shouldice Stone are inert (neutral) by design and have minimal impact on the environment.

Designed for Disassembly (ID) Credit (Points: 1)

Shouldice FUSION Stone is an innovative thin stone system installed with stainless steel clips and screws allowing disassembly with common power tools. For more information on the LEED building benefits of using our stone products, reach out to Shouldice today at 1-800-265-3174.