Stone Veneer that is Great at Grade

When choosing stylish stone sidings for your home or business building, it’s important to select stones that not only look beautiful, but are durable and of high quality. At Shouldice, we’re great at grade, unlike some cast stone, limestone, vinyl and wood siding options. Whether you’re looking for classic, modern or rustic natural stone veneers, our collection of stones boast a wide-array of textures, sizes, durability and flexibility. At Shouldice, we’ve been specializing in crafting quality stone grades for more than 70 years. What Makes Us Great at Grade? We believe in innovation. We know fulfilling your design dreams aren’t just about lasting beauty, it’s about making a real-world investment that considers future sustainability and your financial wisdom. At Shouldice, we include necessary stone features like integral water repellent and organic colour oxide throughout the body of all our stones and stone veneers. We confidently offer lifetime warranties for all stone siding products. The unique properties of our stone veneers make residential or commercial sidings with us ideal. Residential stone cladding product lines include:

  • Metro Stone: High-grade modern stone with colourfast and water-repellent technologies.
  • Architectural Stone: Often used in high-rises, government buildings, shopping malls and industrial applications. Highly durable and built for longevity.
  • Newport Stone: Designed with natural stone appearance and available in two pre-split sizes, which allows for easy installation and minimal waste.
  • Shale Stone: Unique striking look and texture. Choose your own specific pattern and texture.
  • Q-Stone: Crafted with water-repelling features to minimize efflorescence and maintain its gorgeous colour and appearance. Timeless.
  • Estate Stone: Represents the beauty and durability of the natural stone, great for making a bold, luxurious statement.
  • Antique Stone: Proven track record with thousands of homes in North America. Popular for ease of installation and natural beauty.

The custom possibilities of designer stone upgrades are virtually endless. Whether you’re reconstructing or renovating your property, Shouldice works with you and your budget to ensure high-grade stone selections with economic value, water resiliency and long-lasting durability. Interested in selecting stone veneers for your next projects? Give us a call with questions or complete our contact form.

Create an Eye Catching Commercial Building With High Quality Stone From Shouldice

Adding easy-to-do yet beautifully done stone cladding and veneers to the inside and or outside of your commercial building is a great way to personalize your space. Not only can you spruce up your storefront or office, but you’re creating a professional and welcoming ambiance for your customers.


Whether medical office, restaurant or condo lobby, our quality stone cladding and veneer options are a unique way to get the look of a stone building without using full-sized stone pieces.


How High Quality Stone Cladding Works

Essentially, stone veneers are expertly cut, thinner pieces of stone crafted so they’re attached to other materials to form sheets that can attach to walls, buildings and floors. Once secured, these sheets give the appearance that your structure was made purely out of stone.


Shouldice boasts a wide selection of stylish, quality stone sidings in an array of aesthetics: classical, modern, elegant and sleek and avant-garde appearances. Depending on your business brand and personal preference, we flexibly offer stone cladding options distinct in colour, size and texture variations.


From exterior building design to superior interior stone choices for your backsplash, fireplace or company feature wall, our stone claddings are durable and made with special properties for any type of building or landscape installation.


Stone Cladding Styles


When it comes to your business, we understand the pertinence of having your own distinctive look. If you’re in the market to add some eye-catching details to your building, check our high-quality stone options.


Metro Stone: Perfect for creating that avant-garde chicness and modern appeal to your business building, our Metro Stone is a combination of timeless textures and shapes, and is manufactured as a two-height stone in a variety of lengths.


Newport Stone: If you’re going for that timeless elegant look, our Newport Stone achieves an antique design style and comes in a wide-range of natural stone hues to select from.


Shale Stone: With a striking, rounded rocky surface, our Shale Stone gives a powerful, bold feeling and comes in seven different heights and lengths. If you’re designing for the impression of permanency and protection, Shale Stone is a great unique and textured choice.


Q-Stone: Rugged yet classically beautiful, our Q-Stone uses larger stones than most stone veneers on the market. If your preference is to add a warm and natural appearance to your building, Q-stone maintains its gorgeous colour well and has water repelling features.


Antique Stone: It’s true that classics never die. Look to our Antique Stone options to create a natural ambiance with quality stones that emanate a sense of pride, heritage and history. This popular product is easy to install and lasts a lifetime.


Estate Stone: To evoke a sense of tradition and luxury, select from our Estate Stone options available in several earth-tone colours. Ideal for achieving a bold statement while creating a completely exceptional pattern of natural looking stones.


Ready to get started on your commercial building project? Our team at Shouldice Designer Stone can help. Give us a call or complete our contact form.

Add a Touch of Charm with Interior Brick Veneer

Looking to create vintage charm or add some modern elements to your home? Interior brick veneer is one of our staple products to adding touches of colour and texture to your space. Made with real brick, but thinner than those used for typical stonework construction, interior brick veneers have a maximum thickness of 1 and 1/4 inches and are often used to revive kitchen tiling or styling of an existing wall structure.

Combining Looks and Textures

Nowadays, natural wood and textured-stone themes are a dominating interior design trend, great for entertainment room paneling, living room or bedroom wall accents. Meshing natural elements together can bring in that outdoor feel, while keeping your interior look feeling authentic and consistent.

When choosing the style of your interior brick veneer, be strategic about what you install. For example, if wood is going to be a primary element, be sure to select a faux stone accent that won’t compete with your wood colour. Tastefully blending these elements together is key to achieving your look without overwhelming your space.

Look for a Dominant Brick Colour that Contrasts

Treat your brick colour just like you would carpet, fabric or paint colour. Brick accents with soft pink or light-red tones work well against antique whites, light yellows or cool greens. If you have yellow or beige-coloured brick, combine these with a warm brown hue, a cool gray or try blending your wall or colour with the shade found in your brick.

Keep in mind, the greater the contrast colour between your brick and your wall hue, the more attention you’ll draw to your brick accent. To tie your look together, consider also, including light touches of your brick colour in the fabrics or furniture you have in the room. If you find your dark-brick effect has a dominating effect on other adjoining walls, instead of painting those walls a lighter colour, choose a natural colour in the same tone range as your brick to create a more harmonized effect.

Choose Furniture Colours that Complement Your Brick

Whether you love your lofty, industrial-style apartment or you’ve got an elegant vintage-charm look to your home, interior brick veneer can be tougher to decorate against, especially if you’re looking to host a variety of colours that can help pull your entire look together. Here’s few furniture colour tips to keep in mind.

Dusty Blue: A light, dusty-blue coloured couch can be a great pairing against a red/orange toned interior brick veneer. When you want your brick to be the highlight of your room, cool blue tones can bring out your brick accent.

Pear Green: If you’ve got a darker shade of brown or red brick to work with, hanging canvases with green and yellow tones can be a great contrasting match to your statement-making veneer.

Bright Red: You might not think to match red with red, but sometimes playing against your reds (like a mahogany wood floor) with a red-tone brick wall accent can entirely bring out your primary red hue in the base of your brick.

Mustard Yellow: From your kitchen to your living room, a neutral mustard yellow is always an easy go-to for highlighting a warm, brown-toned brick veneer.

Ready to get started on your interior brick veneer project? Our team at Shouldice Designer Stone can help. Give us a call or complete our contact form. 

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