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Producing a consistently high quality product doesn’t happen by chance. Shouldice Designer Stone has become the premier choice of architects, designers, contractors, masons, corporations, and homeowners who are looking for the very best this industry has to offer.

Choosing Shouldice quality fulfills your dreams with not only lasting beauty but also real world investment value. There is nothing like stone to enhance the beauty of a home or to make a statement about your good taste, your consideration for future sustainability and your financial wisdom.

There are many things that contribute to our guarantee of high quality standards:

  • We operate a full-time quality control department dedicated to ensuring that our customers have only products of the highest quality with which to satisfy their creative desires
  • Operating from a single manufacturing facility provides us with comprehensive control over all aspects of the manufacturing process
  • Our state–of-the-art technology and equipment ensure Shouldice Designer Stone is produced only to highest quality standards that our customers can trust with absolute confidence
  • We have access to a very large supply of what is regarded as the best quality aggregate in the country. This not only guarantees quality but also consistency between colour lots
  • We are proud of our craftsmen that have decades of experience in meeting the exacting standards of architects and homeowners wishing to reflect their professional or personal creative visions

Our stone and your professional installer is an unbeatable creative and investment combination. We are always happy to provide advice and recommendations for expert installation services appropriate to your particular needs.