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The Natural Choice In Stone

Shouldice Designer Stone was built on integrity. When your name is on the product you take great care to ensure that you deliver on your commitments and that you live up to the family legacy. No short cuts; no half-truths. You can trust us with confidence.

70+ years.

More than 70 years have rolled by  since the founding of Shouldice Designer Stone. We are proud to be a 100% Canadian and family owned/operated enterprise.

An important tradition is our desire to progress. Our drive to stay ahead of the curve has allowed us to respond to and sometimes even anticipate market needs. Progress will remain a touchstone as we strive to better serve our customers.

You can pursue your design aspirations with confidence, knowing that we are here to support and advise every step of the way. We are the only coast-to-coast, full-service, comprehensive masonry manufacturer in North America.

We guarantee product quality, colour consistency and reliable delivery. As well, we can satisfy virtually all supply requirements including those of national commercial customers


Producing a consistently high quality product doesn’t happen by chance. Shouldice Designer Stone has become the premier choice of homeowners, designers, and contractors who are looking for the very best.
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We boldly and unequivocally claim that our service is number one. We are here to support, advise and so much more.
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We operate an advanced, full time research and development lab that is dedicated to the quest for better technologies, better methodologies, better components and better products.
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Shouldice offers a Lifetime Warranty provided the initial purchaser is the product owner, the products are used according to local building codes and the products are installed according to specifications and installation guidelines.
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