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Q-Stone Veneer

The Shouldice Q-Stone collection features a distinct antiqued rock face that makes use of larger stones than most other stone veneer products on the market. This unique profile creates a rugged yet classically beautiful effect for any home exterior. Available in a broad range of colour tones, Q-Stone allows you to create a completely personalized design for your project, all backed by Shouldice’s commitment to quality.

Q-Stone comes in two sizes and a variety of lengths to create an elegant, warm and natural stone appearance for your home. A member of the Shouldice Designer Stone team would be happy to explain your options and help you select the ideal stone for your residential project.

Why Choose Shouldice Q-Stone?

Since 1947, the experts at Shouldice Designer Stone have been supplying North American home owners with a broad range of beautiful and reliable stone veneer products. Our Q-Stone collection is no exception, and has been crafted with the latest in manufactured stone technologies. This traditionally striking stone veneer is manufactured with water repelling features to minimize efflorescence and maintain its gorgeous colour and appearance well into the future. We’ve designed our stone veneer products with our customers in mind, allowing them to rely on their investment in Q-Stone to bring value to their home for many years to come.

For further information about our Q-Stone collection or to start planning your project, contact a member of the Shouldice team at 1-800-265-3174.

Residential Q-Stone

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