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Exterior Brick Veneer

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of brick veneer in Canada and beyond. We have carefully designed our range of interior and exterior brick veneer styles to capture an array of popular brick looks, offering modern, sleek lines with our Metro Brick product, a classic aesthetic with our Saratoga Brick line, and historic elegance with our MJ Stone collection.

Our brick veneer is the premiere choice for designers, masons, developers, and architectural experts across North America. Available in an extensive range of colours, textures and profiles, Shouldice brick products can be mixed and matched to create endless design possibilities for your next building project.

Why Choose Shouldice Brick Veneer Products?

For more than 60 years, Shouldice Designer Stone has led the brick veneer industry with our innovative, reliable and beautiful manufactured stone products. Whether used in an interior or exterior application, our brick veneer will offer years of performance. All brick is manufactured with an integral water repellant agent to limit water absorption and efflorescence over its lifetime.

When you choose Shouldice brick, you’ll benefit from the experience and knowledge of our outstanding team members. We are true experts on brick veneer in Canada, and can assist you in selecting the ideal product for your unique application. Whether you need help creating your initial design, want to learn more about installing our products, or simply have a question you’d like to ask, we are available to help you achieve your design aspirations!

For additional information about our interior or exterior brick veneer products, or to get in touch with Shouldice Designer Stone, give us a call at 1-800-265-3174.

Exterior Brick Veneer