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Stone Capitals, Banding & Door Surrounds

Shouldice Designer Stone’s Gem Stone collection is ideal for creating stunning architectural accents. Whether you incorporate stone banding, stone door surrounds, or even stone capital elements, our selection of Gem Stone will create a dynamic look that will enhance any project. Choose one the many standard Gem Stones that our team has developed, or create your own custom shape with the help of our design team.

Shouldice Gem Stone Banding Specifications

Every piece of Shouldice Gem Stone is crafted with extreme care and innovative technique, ensuring that you receive the best possible stone for banding or stone door surrounds. We have a vast selection of Gem Stone options to choose from, each of which can be customized to your unique requirements. Our available customizations include:

  • Multiple stone types: Emerald, Opal, Diamond, Jade, Sapphire, Topaz, Flutonia, Ruby
  • Three Finishes: Tapestry finish, Tex-Stone finish and Rock-Stone finish
  • Three series: Standard, Legacy and Elite
  • Over 60 colour options

If you’re not certain about the exact style, finish or colour of Gem Stone you require for your next stone project, our team of experts will happily work with you to find the Gem Stones that will make the most impact on your design. We can also customize the size and dimensions of our Gem Stones for a perfect fit.

For more information on Shouldice Gem Stones, reach out to a member of our team today!

Architectural Gem Stones