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Exterior Stone Veneer Siding, Cladding & Facing

At Shouldice, we bring customers across North America the latest in interior and exterior stone veneer products that add the unmatched elegance of manufactured stone to commercial building projects. Our collection of stone siding styles can be used in a number of applications, from creating a unique aesthetic for a new condominium development, to adding visual interest to a commercial facility.

Since 1947, Shouldice Designer Stone has worked hard to advance our manufactured stone facing technologies. All of our stone siding products are manufactured using an integral water repelling agent to inhibit water absorption and efflorescence. The result is a highly durable stone veneer product that offers outstanding performance for years to come.

Shouldice’s Stone Veneer Siding Products

Shouldice’s range of stone siding, facing and cladding is available in a number of styles to suit your design requirements for both exterior and interior applications. Each of our stone veneer lines offers its own unique characteristics, with natural stone textures, antiqued looks, and modern options available to create your ideal look. Available in a broad range of colour tones, sizes and heights, our stone veneer siding is crafted with design flexibility, ease of installation and long-lasting beauty in mind.

Our stone cladding product lines include:

  • Metro Stone
  • Architectural Stone
  • Newport Stone
  • Shale Stone
  • Q-Stone
  • Estate Stone
  • Antique Stone

Browse our collection of stone veneer siding products today to find inspiration for your next project. At Shouldice, we love talking stone, so feel free to reach out to our experts for more information about any of our available stone facing products!

Exterior Stone Veneer